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Do You Know what time of year it is? For big boys and girls it’s like Christmas in April….as  they prepare for the biggest, most anticipated event taking place on Long Island this spring for soon-to-be-weds and their families. It’s the 2017 Bridal Exratavaganza taking place at the Huntington Hilton on April 5th from 5:30-9:30. Join LIWeddings for four hours of nonstop entertainment, excitement and an up close and personal look into the hottest trends springing up this spring. The Extravaganza is THE scene for current and contemporary couples to be seen at.  We put one-hundred of the...
Your wedding is all about YOUR sensational style.  And when it comes to style, most brides set the tone with their theme and THAT often starts with picking out THE dress that will set the stage for their celebration.   Gals who want a fairytale wedding usually choose princess style gowns with long, flowing trains; while more contemporary gals opt for more streamlined designs that make a bold and trendy statement.   And, when it comes to helping you rock the aisle by rocking your style as a soon to be Mrs. Bridal Reflections is one of Long Island’s premier provider...
We all know that regardless of WHAT your planning attention to; detail is KEY. And, when it comes to your nuptials you’ll want to stay true to tradition, while also daring to be different. And, that takes A LOT of thought, A LOT of planning and A LOT of work.   So, how’s a couple to decide on how they want to define and depict their wedding day. Well, there's only ONE answer to that question, especially if you’re a Long Island bride….and that answer is: The Long Island Bridal Extravaganza. YES, it’s almost that time of year again, and it’s time for you and your groom to register to be p...
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